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Our End of Season Finals

at Charlestown Youth FC. 


Please arrive 30mins before your first game to register, refreshments available.


Saturday 12th May

u7's, u9's u11's, u13's, u15's..

u7's 5v5

  • 9.30am ko             St.Blazey Geckos v Luxulyan
  • 9.30am ko             St, Mawgan v Bodmin
  • 10am ko                Liskeard v Charlestown Cheetahs
  • 10am ko                Biscovey Utd v Week St.Mary
  • 10.30am ko           Tregorrick Lions v Biscovey Rangers
  • 10.30am ko           Dobwalls v St.Columb
  • 11am ko                Luxulyan v Liskeard
  • 11am ko                Biscovey Rangers v St Mawgan
  • 11.30am ko           Weeks St.Mary v St Columb
  • 11.30am ko           Charlestown Cheetahs v St.Blazey Geckos
  • 12noon ko             Bodmin v Tregorrick Lions
  • 12noon ko             Biscovey Utd v Dobwalls
  • 12.30pm ko           St.Mawgan v Tregorrick Lions
  • 12.30pm ko           Liskeard v St.Blazey Geckos
  • 1pm ko                   St.Columb v Biscovey Utd
  • 1pm ko                   Bodmin v Biscovey Rangers
  • 1.30pm ko             Luxulyan v Charlestown Cheetahs
  • 1.30pm ko             Week St. Mary v Dobwalls

u9's 7v7

  • 10am ko        Fowey Town v Probus
  • 11.30am ko   Liskeard v Biscovey
  • 1.30pm ko     Charlestown Bobcats v St.Mawgan
  • 3pm ko          Biscovey Colts v Bodmin

u11's 9v9

  • 9.30am ko      St.Mawgan v Bude
  • 9.30am ko      Pensilva v St.Dennis
  • 11.30am ko     St.Blazey Marvels v Bodmin Utd
  • 11.30am ko     Goonhavern v Biscovey Colts
  • 1.30pm ko      Biscovey Titans v Tregorrick Devils

u13's Premiership 9v9

  • 1.30pm ko      Biscovey Colts v Charlestown

u13's Championship 9v9

  • 3pm ko           Bodmin v Pensilva

u15's Premiership 11v11

  • 2pm ko           Launceston v Looe

u15's Championship 11v11

  • 10am ko         Probus v Charlestown


Sunday 13th May

u8's, u10's, u12's, u14's, u16's

u8's 5v5

  • 9.30am ko             Wadebridge v Week St.Mary
  • 9.30am ko             St.Blazey Allstars v Luxuylan
  • 10am ko                Charlestown Cavaliers v Tintagel
  • 10am ko                 Looe T v St Stephens
  • 10.30am ko           Wadebridge v Tintagel
  • 10.30am ko           St.Blazey Allstars v Looe T
  • 11am ko                Charlestown Cavaliers v Week St.Mary
  • 11am ko                Luxuylan v St.Stephens
  • 11.30am ko           Tintagel v Week St.Mary
  • 11.30am ko           Looe T v Luxuylan
  • 12noon ko             Wadebridge v Charlestown Cavaliers
  • 12noon ko             St.Blazey Allstars v St.Stephens
  • 1pm ko                   St.Mawgan v St.Dennis
  • 1pm ko                   Biscovey Foxes v Bodmin
  • 1.30pm ko             Liskeard v Dobwalls
  • 1.30pm ko             Tregorrick Titans v Week St.Mary Colts
  • 2pm ko                   St.Mawgan v Liskeard
  • 2pm ko                   Biscovey Foxes v Tregorrick Titans
  • 2.30pm ko             St.Dennis v Dobwalls
  • 2.30pm ko             Bodmin v Week St.Mary Colts
  • 3pm ko                   St.Mawgan v Dobwalls
  • 3pm ko                   Biscovey Foxes v Week St.Mary Colts
  • 3.30pm ko             Liskeard v St.Dennis
  • 3.30pm ko             Tregorrick Titans v Bodmin

u10's 7v7

  • 10am ko        St.Blazey Sharks v Truro City Panthers
  • 10am ko        St.Dennis Tigers v Dobwalls
  • 11.30am ko   Looe v St.Blazey Pilgrims
  • 11,30am ko   Charlestown Warriors v Week St.Mary
  • 1.30pm ko     Bodmin Beasts v Biscovey
  • 1.30pm ko     Wadebridge v St Mawgan
  • 3pm ko          St Dennis Bears v Bodmin Cougars

u12's Premiership 9v9

  • 10am ko        St.Stephens v Tregorrick

u12's Championship 9v9

  • 1pm ko           Looe v Probus

u14's Premiership 11v11

  • 10am ko        Bodmin v Tregorrick

u16's 11v11

  • 1.30pm ko       Charlestown v St Columb






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